Life-File ePrescribing

College Pharmacy is excited to announce that we have expanded our services to include electronic prescribing through Life-File. We feel that the introduction of this program into our prescription compounding process allows us to better serve our customers. Through this secure prescribing system, we can ensure that prescriptions are managed and filled in a manner that is convenient to our customers and improves our internal processes. While we will continue to fill prescriptions that are sent in more traditional ways, we encourage all of our customers to explore the advantages of the Life-File ePrescribing system.

If you are already a registered Life-File ePrescriber with College Pharmacy and need to access your account, please click here.

Life-File ePrescribing Overview:

No Charge: Complimentary Service Through College Pharmacy

  • No cost to you. No software to buy. No maintenance costs.
  • No electronic medical records software needed.

Secure System

  • Secure website that allows authorized healthcare practitioner staff to send electronic prescriptions.
  • Individual usernames and passwords. Complete audit trails of all activity.

Patient Information

  • Updated contact information that ensures patient/practitioner/pharmacy all have the same information.
  • Access to patients drug history and compliance right from the pharmacy’s computer.
  • Virtual elimination of prescribing errors due to incorrect interpretation from handwritten or oral prescription.
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant messaging to communicate with the pharmacy for any reason.
  • Hard copies of your e-orders can be saved, printed and put into the chart.

Instant Access

  • No waiting on hold for a pharmacist to take your order.
  • No waiting to learn about the status of your order.
  • Retrieve any order instantaneously.

If you are interested in learning more about College Pharmacy’s ePrescribing program through Life-File, please contact us directly.

Life-File Informational Brochure

Life-File Service Brochure (PDF Download)