Blend & Boost Skincare

Customized Skincare Made Just For You

College Pharmacy is excited to announce that we have partnered with one of Canada’s most innovative skincare lines. After a successful launch in Canada last year, Blend & Boost is launching in the United States. Blend & Boost’s customized approach to skincare will take the guesswork out of skincare, meet daily needs of different skin types and deliver noticeable improvements to skin.

The 3-step Blend & Boost Journey

1. Skin Assessment
Visit your healthcare practitioner for an in-depth skin analysis and a review of your concerns.

2. Selection of Your Unique Combination
The perfect combination of cosmetic active boosters and advanced cream formulas will be selected by your healthcare practitioner based on your individual   skin needs.

3. Your Personalized Solution
A customized skincare product is prepared with your own unique Blend & Boost® code. Your Blend & Boost formula will be reviewed and adjusted as your skin   evolves over time (due to change of season, environment or lifestyle).

Blend & Boost is the first skincare line that can be adjusted to anyone’s needs. With over 80 different combinations, we are confident you will find one to fit your needs.

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Healthcare Practitioners:

We are looking for a few practitioners to participate in the initial launch of Blend & Boost in the U.S. this year. By participating in the initial launch you will be one of the first practitioners in the U.S. to offer this custom skincare line to your patients. You will also have the support and knowledge of College Pharmacy to guide you through the process of implementing this innovative new skincare line into your practice.

If you are interested in learning more about implementing Blend & Boost into you practice, please click here to request more information.