Introducing Sarcotropin

Introducing Sarcotropin IPA

New & Improved!  Now with Pralmorelein & Ipramorelin!

Sarcotropin IPA is an oral medical food containing ingredients that oppose muscle loss and sarcopenia.

  • By age thirty, characteristics of body weight gain can mask the early visual signs of muscle loss with accumulation of fat and after the age of forty this can accelerate.
  • Sarcotropin is an oral medical food (which requires an order from a physician) indicated for body compositional changes related to aging (Sarcopenia).
  • Factors that contribute to the body compositional changes related to aging include age related decline in nervous system activity, growth hormone production, sex steroid levels, and specific amino acids and vitamins from inadequate intake of dietary energy and protein.
  • Sarcotropin was specifically formulated to oppose these deficiencies by combining essential ingredients intended to complement a normal diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Large 90-day Phase III clinical trial conducted to confirm safety and efficacy in humans Research demonstrated.
    • Loss of total body fat
    • Loss of visceral fat
    • Gain in lean muscle mass
    • Increase in IGF-1