Nutritional Supplement Spotlight: GPC

The Power of GPC: Active Living & Healthy Aging. Cognitive Function. Memory Function. Mental Recovery.

If you’ve walked into the dietary supplement aisle of a grocery store or visited one of the many organic health stores that have become popular in recent years, you have probably been overwhelmed with the number of supplements currently available. Amongst all of these choices, one supplement stands out from the rest: GPC.

GPC is that rare dietary supplement that has something to offer people of all ages and stages of health. GPC or glycerophosphocholine is a nutrient distributed throughout the body and is important at all levels of human function, including basic cell processes, tissue growth and renewal, organ vitality, and mind-body integration. It is a vital lipid that supports a wide array of life processes on which we rely to stay healthy.

Unlike many commercially available supplements, GPC’s benefits are backed with over 30 clinical trials. In these well-controlled clinical trials, GPC was shown to improve mental performance in the healthy young, the middle-aged, and the elderly. (Research available by request.)

Documented GPC Benefits Include:

  • Improved attention and word recall in young, healthy people.
  • Improved cognition, mood, and behavior in those with memory decline.
  • Improved activities of daily living in patients with severe loss of mental capabilities. (Dementia, Alzheimer’ Disease)
  • Improved recovery from stroke.
  • Aided recovery from traumatic brain injury.
  • Partial revitalization of the aging human brain.
  • Increase in Human Growth Hormone levels in the blood.

GPC’s contributions to mental performance, including attention, concentration, and memory formation, are based in the mind. GPC helps the mind coordinate with the rest of the body, to integrate the body into one working unit. This property of mind-body integration makes GPC a very unique and important dietary supplement. Since the content of GPC in common foods is quite low, the addition of GPC as a dietary supplement can make a large impact on overall health and wellness.

For additional information about the role of GPC, please visit Dr. Parris Kidd’s website at Dr. Kidd has been researching GPC since 1997 and has helped develop many of the GPC protocols and formulations currently available. You may also contact College Pharmacy directly for additional information about GPC, including published research.