Finding a compounding pharmacy and a healthcare practitioner to meet your health and wellness needs can seem a bit daunting. We have created our community resources page to help take some of the guesswork out of the process. Whether you need a healthcare practitioner referral, more information about a compounded formulation, or want to learn more about our comprehensive services, we are here to help.

Healthcare Practitioner Referral

College Pharmacy has built relationships with a diverse group of healthcare practitioners with expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement, thyroid replacement therapy, environmental medicine and chelation therapy, autism spectrum disorders, mesotherapy, age management and aesthetic medicine, and many other specialized treatments.

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Spotlight On Specials E-Newsletter

From Clinical Pearls to specials on Compounded Prescriptions and Nutritional Supplements, as a College Pharmacy patient you don’t want to miss out on these opportunities to learn more about your health and wellness options and take advantage of special pricing.

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Clinical Pearls

From emerging health and wellness news to research abstracts, and community organizations to nutritional supplements of interest…The medical world is constantly changing, and we’re committed to keeping you informed.

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Nutritional Supplement Center

College Pharmacy offers a unique one-stop shopping experience by providing pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements in addition to our comprehensive pharmacy services. College Pharmacy’s online nutritional supplement center offers many hard-to-find, exclusive, or specialty supplements…as well as many pharmaceutical-grade professional supplement lines that are not readily available in many communities. Click here to visit College Pharmacy’s Online Nutritional Supplement Center.

Community Partners

At College Pharmacy we take pride in forming professional partnerships to help provide patient and healthcare practitioner alike with educational resources, to expand our knowledge and expertise, and to promote health and wellness innovation. Click here to visit College Pharmacy’s Online Nutritional Supplement Center.