It pays to be informed about your health and wellness options. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about College Pharmacy’s Services.

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Q: What forms of payment to you accept?

College Pharmacy accepts all major standard forms of payment: cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and wire transfers. We do not accept checks.

Q: Do you ship to my state? How much do you charge?

College Pharmacy ships to every state in the U.S. except for Alabama, Michigan, Maine, and North Carolina. We also ship to many international countries including: the U.K., Japan, China, Dubai and Egypt. Please contact us for additional information.

Q: What if I want to return my prescription?

We regret that we cannot accept returns on custom compounds and commercial products. Most prescriptions are custom made to your individual needs according to your health care provider’s specifications. State regulations prohibit the resale of such items so we encourage chemically sensitive patients to discuss any problems with their healthcare practitioners and thoroughly inquire about ingredients before purchasing new therapies from our pharmacy. You also may request smaller quantities of new prescriptions until you are sure the medication can be tolerated. Please check every order for completeness and accuracy as well as any possible damage. If there are any concerns, please call the Customer Service Department at (719) 262-0022 / (800) 888-9358 within 24 hours of receiving your order. Also, please be sure to notify us immediately if your address and phone number have changed. Please call our Customer Service with any questions you may have. Click here to view our complete Pricing & Return Policy.

Q: What is custom compounding?

A custom compound is prepared from pure, pharmaceutical-grade raw materials in accordance with a physician’s prescription, based on an individual patient’s needs. The basis of the compounding profession of pharmacy has always been the “triad,” the patient-physician-pharmacist relationship. Through this relationship, patient needs are determined by a physician, who chooses a treatment regimen that may include a compounded medication. All ingredients of compounds meet strict guidelines to ensure safety and purity.

Q: Will my insurance cover compounded medications?

College Pharmacy does not process insurance. Some insurance providers cover compounded prescriptions, many do not. It is the choice of the insurance provider and there are many variables involved. You can submit a Universal Claim form for reimbursement. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about submitting a Universal Claim form.

Q: Do you carry brand name and generic commercial drugs?

We are mainly a custom compounding pharmacy. Please contact us directly for questions regarding specific brand and generic drugs if you are paying cash. We may be able to save you money.

Q: Do you have nutritional supplements for sale?

Many health and wellness protocols emphasize the importance of diet, nutrition, and supplements in achieving optimum health. College Pharmacy offers a unique one-stop shopping experience by providing pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements in addition to our comprehensive pharmacy services. College Pharmacy’s online nutritional supplement center offers many hard-to-find, exclusive, or specialty supplements…as well as many pharmaceutical-grade professional supplement lines that are not readily available in many communities. Click here to visit College Pharmacy’s Online Nutritional Supplement Center.