Aesthetic Medicine

The First “Ingredient” in Our Aesthetic Medicine Formulations is Quality.

College Pharmacy’s Aesthetic Medicine Formulas are created using premium pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients that have been carefully selected for their synergistic properties. Whether a topical cream, or a sterile injectable, all of our formulations are compounded under strict quality standards.

The Result: Science-Based Formulations Tailored to the Unique Aesthetic Needs of Each Individual.

Compounded Aesthetic Medicine FAQ

Do I Need a Prescription For Skin Care?

Yes. Although many of the ingredients in our aesthetic skin creams may not seem like they “should” require a prescription, all compounded formulations legally require a prescription. We have the same strict quality control standards for our aesthetic medicine formulations as we do with any other prescription drugs that we compound… ensuring quality and potency.

How Can I Get A Prescription?

The first step is getting a prescription from your healthcare practitioner. We will be happy to supply you and your practitioner with information about the requested formulation. We can also supply you with a practitioner referral. Once we receive a prescription, one of our customer service representatives will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have before we fill your prescription.

Are Your Aesthetic Formulas Expensive?

Many people assume that our formulas are more expensive than commercial products available at department stores because our formulas are pharmaceutical-grade and require a prescription. This is not always true…especially compared to “designer skin creams” that are often marked up over 100% to be sold at retail stores. In addition, many of our aesthetic formulations contain a higher potency of active ingredients than are available in commercial products.

Do you carry any non-prescription Aesthetic Medicine Formulas?

Absolutely. College Pharmacy offers a variety of high quality over-the-counter Aesthetic formulations, including our very own, brand new anti-aging C+ Serum. Visit our online store and check out “Advanced Skin Care Products” to learn more about our OTC product selection. Click here to visit the “Advanced Skin Care Products” section of our online store.

Popular Compounded Aesthetic Medicine Formulations

The following lists are a small selection of our most popular formulas. Please contact us for a more comprehensive list and additional information about the active ingredients used in these formulations.

Specialty Formulations For The Face

  • EPH Wrinkle Cream: Lipodermal base containing Estriol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and a Phospholipid Complex.
  • Idebenone 1% Facial Cream: Idebenone is a powerful topical antioxidant to address aging, sun-damaged skin.
  • Vitamin C & Glutathione Face Cream: Stable Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Hyaluronic Acid in a peptide base. (Available with Estriol.)
  • Hexapeptide Wrinkle Formula: Contains 15% Acetyl-Hexapeptide-3, a six amino acid peptide that has been shown to have many beneficial topical properties.
  • Resveratrol 5% / Renovage™ 3% Cream: Two dynamic ingredients combined for their synergistic properties in addressing aging skin.

Additional Formulations For The Face

  • Beta Glucan 5% / Selenomethione 0.05% Cream
  • Beta Glucan 3% / Estriol 0.3% Cream
  • CoQ10 / Lipoic Acid / Vitamin C / DMAE Cream
  • Dermal-C Cream (OTC Product)
  • Glycolic Acid 10% Cream
  • Estriol Face Cream 0.5%
  • Estriol & Progesterone Face Cream
  • Estriol / Progesterone / Retinoic Acid Cream
  • Lipoic Acid Cream: Day (glycolic acid), Night (retinoic acid)
  • Lipoic Acid 5% / DMAE 3% / Vitamin C 5% Cream
  • Progesterone 1.5% Cream
  • Progesterone 1% & Testosterone 0.1% Cream
  • Testosterone 0.1% Cream

Specialized Aesthetic Medicine Formulations

  • Skin Bleaching: Kligman’s Bleaching Cream, Glycolic Acid Cream, Hydroquinone Cream, Kojic Acid Solution.
  • Skin Peels: Baker-Gordon Formulas (Phenol and Croton Oil), Jessner’s Solution, Salicylic Acid Paste, Glycolic Acid Solution, Retinoic Acid in Emollient Cream, TCA Solution.
  • Spider Veins: Vitamin K Cream 8% – 10%, Dermal-K Cream (OTC Product).
  • Cellulite: Aminophylline Cream.
  • Acne: Glycolic Acid Solution, Niacinamide Gel/Cream.
  • Very Dry Skin: Aquaphillic w/Carbomide Ointment 10% – 20%, Phospholipid Complex w/Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Post-Laser Surgery: Aloe Vera / Arnica Cream, Traumeel Ointment (OTC Product).
  • Post-Nasal Surgery: Mupirocin / Lidocaine Nasal Spray, Mupirocin Nasal Spray.
  • Post-Peel Topicals: Sodium Bicarbonate 1% Solution, Mupirocon / Gentamicin Cream.
  • Fever Blisters: Acyclovir 5% / Lidocaine 1% Lip Balm with PABA.
  • Fungus Nail: Fluconazole / DMSO / Urea 1% – 2% Solution, Urea Cream.
  • Callus: Glycolic Acid 10% – 15% Cream, Salicylic Acid 60% Ointment, Urea Cream.
  • Warts: Cantharadin Solution, Cantharadin PLUS, 5-FU Pyruvic Acid 2%, 5-FU Pyruvic Acid 2% w/DMSO 20%.
  • Psoriasis: Vitamin D3 Cream (10,000iu/gm), Clobetasol / Zinc Pyrithione Spray, Hydrocortisone 10% Cream.

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