Animal Magnetism: Custom Compounding For Every Member of Your Family

About 68 million dogs are owned as pets in the United States, slightly topped by cats (73 million-no surprise to them, of course). Countless other animals of every description share their lives with humans. At College Pharmacy, our “pet peeve” is seeing animals who don’t receive the care they deserve. Whether you have a cat, dog, horse, rat, mouse, hamster, ferret, rabbit, gerbil, frog, turtle, lizard, snake, or elephant, we care as much about your pets as we do about you. We compound unique, customized formulations to treat your pets’ health concerns, in dosages and administration forms modified for the needs of a variety of animals.

One of the chief advantages of compounded preparations is the option to administer them in different strengths, using various modes of administration. Any pet owner knows that giving medications to animals can be a challenge. We provide chewable and injectable products as well as ophthalmic formulations, pain remedies, and many others. For example, College Pharmacy offers a transdermal gel for application to the ear or abdominal area as an alternative to pills. We also can include a variety of flavorings in oral drugs for tasty animal appeal. At College Pharmacy, we can:

  • Compound formulations to your vet’s specifications
  • Eliminate preservatives
  • Compound discontinued drugs
  • Change dosages, strengths, and flavors

Trained Pharmacists

Our experienced pharmacists are experts in compounding and can help determine the right drug, route of administration, and dose that will optimize patient outcomes-for humans and animals.

Quality Control

We are compounding specialists who help set the standards for our industry. College Pharmacy is one of the most experienced and comprehensive compounding centers in the United States. Our state-of-the-art facility and trained compounding pharmacists allows us to compound virtually any product for custom, individualized therapy. Our quality control standards also are among the best in the industry. We have a state-of-the-art clean room and ISO 8 compounding lab that enables us to produce the highest quality sterile products.

Therapies For Veterinary Care

For large animals and small, domestic and exotic, College Pharmacy can compound customized prescriptions that can be used to treat many medical conditions including: intestinal and skin disorders, urinary incontinence, thyroid problems, seizures, ophthalmic complaints, parasites, allergies, and joint ailments. Veterinary compounding can provide treatments that are not commercially available as well as offer more effective methods of administration for creatures of all sizes and temperaments. Ask us about special preparations for special pets.

Dosage Forms & Flavors

As with all of our formulations for humans, we can customize dosages and routes of administration to suit each animal and condition. Included are chewable tablets, transdermal gels, ointments, creams, drops, powders, insufflators, suppositories, injectables, pellet implants, nebulized medications, and hypoallergenic compounds. And because our furry, feathered, and slithery friends can be just as particular as their owners, we offer a multitude of flavorings to make medications tastier: liver, chicken, beef, fish, banana, raspberry, apple, cherry, molasses, peanut butter, ham, cheese, and more. If the product you need has been discontinued and is no longer available, we can prepare it for you. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have an unusual or rare request. We are here to help you find what you are looking for.

  • Transdermal PLO Gels: Allow medication to be absorbed into a pet’s bloodstream by rubbing it into the skin of one or both ears or on the belly (where there is little or no hair). The gel may be stored at room temperature.
  • Chewable Treats: Available in liver, chicken, fish, and other flavors that pets love. Giving medications becomes a treat! Available in two sizes for cats or dogs.
  • Sterile Products: Injectables & Ophthalmics: Oil- or water-based injectables may be used for steroid or hormone administration. Ophthalmics include cyclosporine, antibiotic eye drops and other formulas.
  • Powder- and Oil-Filled Capsules: For traditional oral dosing. Powder-filled capsules can be prepared for immediate or slow release; oil-filled capsules may improve absorption of some medications.
  • Solutions and Suspensions: Potassium bromide, amitriptyline, and aminophylline are among the preparations available in a variety of appealing flavors.
  • Creams, Pastes, Lotions: Compounded for localized therapy. These topical applications are available in a variety of strengths and consistencies.
  • Powder Insufflators: Deliver powder mists directly into the affected area. Ideal for treating ear infections in pets.
  • Pet Approved Flavors: College Pharmacy can compound veterinary formulations with over 80 pet approved flavors. From Apple to Yam Slush, the variety of available flavors is as comprehensive as our compounding services. Our most popular flavors are: Apple, Beef, Cheese, Chicken, Fish, Liver, Molasses, Peanut Butter, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tutti-Fruitti, and Veal.

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