The definition of menopause is the physical end of menses (menstruation) as a result of decreasing ovarian function. The diagnosis is typically not made until menses has not occurred for one year. Since this is not a sudden change, early symptoms of menopause are often overlooked.

The transition to menopause is a process that can take years. In the two to ten years before the last menstrual period, and the year or so after, women may experience very difficult physical and emotional symptoms.

Conventional HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) consists of using standard doses of synthetic hormones without considering each woman’s hormonal profile.

An individualized approach to HRT, using biologically identical hormones, can pinpoint exact hormone levels, and what is needed to bring them back into balance.

To find out if your symptoms could be related to hormonal changes, call College Pharmacy to talk to one of our pharmacists specially trained in HRT.

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